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~ Sunday, November 25 ~

While my tumblr is a representation of who I am and what I believe, I don’t think I have truly explained myself to my followers. I have in brief posts about my life and my hobbies, however, the very core being of who I am, what I want to do, and how I want to do it have remained a mystery. Lately, I have been more vocal about my beliefs on tumblr; albeit they are brief glimpses of my beliefs jumbled within my pictures of attractive men, tattoos, food, music, etc. But I am much more than other people’s pictures and reblogs. I am a person who deeply feels committed to connecting myself to a core mission and seeing that mission carried out. Now, what do I mean by that? I am glad you asked.

First and foremost, my goals lie within the realm of the environment. Slowly, over time, I have developed a strong passion for the environment. I love not only spending time in the environment, but learning and understanding the environment and ways in which humans can coexist with nature. I was born into a world that has little time and effort for understanding every aspect of life’s connection and impact on the environment. And what began as an understanding of Environmental Ethic developed into a desire to understand the science and politics surrounding the environment. In order to establish an ethic, I first had to understand the value of the environment in a personal way.

In my senior year of high school almost four years ago, I became immersed in the world of electoral politics. While electoral politics is not my passion, the work I did on President Obama’s 2008 campaign led to an alteration in my worldview and brought out what was truly in my heart: a passion to change the world. That was a very tall order. My initial goals of going into music production were placed on the back burner as I immersed myself in classes on international and national politics. I transferred colleges to pursue Political Communications and fell in love with organized movements, particularly grassroots organizing.

Slowly, my study of politics shaped my understanding of science, art, literature, food, language, economics, and all other aspects of life. My life was and is constantly immersed in politics and grassroots organizing. My goals and ambitions were and are to understand my beliefs and apply them to my life. My beliefs dominantly are shaped by my study of history, philosophy, political science, communications, grassroots organizing, science, and the environment and my understanding of society. I have dedicated my life to not only something that I love but something that I understand and have a natural talent for.

But what are my beliefs? I do very rarely share something so personal on my tumblr. While I am an amalgamation of different ideas of what the world should be, I do not wish to pigeonhole myself to one set ideology. I consider myself to be dominantly a Communitarian. What is Communitarianism? Communitarianism is an understanding that until we place emphasis on the value of individuals living within a community and their value within a community, we cannot value each other. When we live within communities of peoples who bring different skills to the community, thus causing it to thrive where it otherwise would flounder, we value them for their skills. These skills lead to the success of the community and ultimately the individual. These communities could be family units, but frequently they are individuals who have connected through personal interaction, shared history, or shared geography. Regardless of how the community came to be, what is most important is a sense of connection between these people and a sense of commitment to self and community success.

These ideas fuel my understanding of education, housing, health care, jobs and the economy and their relevance to communities and their governments. My communitarian ethic fuels my ideas surrounding humanitarianism, equality, positive rights, and social capital. My goals and ambitions are driven by the understanding that communities that work together to shape the landscape politically, socially, and economically, will build communities that fit the individual community’s needs. Communitarianism is neither a right nor left belief, but rather their leanings are dictated by the communities themselves. All of this is fueled by my understanding of the environment and how we need to care for it and my belief that grassroots organizing can change the political, social, and economic landscape of this world.

Ultimately, all of this is derived from my sense of purpose. Where this sense comes from, I have no idea. But I do not need to know where this sense comes from, merely that I feel this way. I have never felt so strongly about something in my entire life. At my very core is where all of these beliefs lay. This is who I am as a person, this is how I view the world, this is what leads me to act the way I do. The environment is my heart and politics are my hands.

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